AC Services


We provide HVAC installation, maintenance and services for retail, Industrial, commercial, residential, educational institutions and public sectors. HVAC preventive maintenance not only helps to ensure that equipment is operating correctly and safely, but it also help to maintain the unit performance and system efficiency as well as prolonging unit life expectancy.

We are always looking forward to take new challenges, innovations and expansions of our service to meet our customer satisfaction. We constantly strive to provide the highest level of service through our delivery network. All our staff are trained in-house and through specialized 3 rd party training for jobs which require specialized skills.

Our division, Arora Star Technical Services LLC (AST) especially focusing on the HVAC installation, services and maintenance including:

  •   Ceiling & floor A/C units
  •   Chilled Water fan coil units
  •   Ducted A/C units
  •   Floor standing A/C units
  •   High static ducted A/C units
  •   Package A/C units
  •   Window A/C units
  •   Wall split A/C units