Cleaning Services


Our daily cleaning service typically includes waste bin emptying, dusting of desks, floor cleaning, vacuuming of carpets, PC cleaning as well as maintaining staff kitchens and WCs. We appreciate that your employees may arrive at work early or leave late and we are happy to work with you on a flexible cleaning schedule, so as to integrate around your business needs. We offer Professional Office Cleaning on a daily, weekly, monthly basis for most types of commercial premises. Arora Star Services LLC for small, medium or large size offices within the UAE . We are specialists in providing accurate cleaning service at the time you require and in the manner you expect. Arora Star Services LLC in turning your office complex once again back into a bright, clean and sparkling environment and then maintaining it in that way. We pride ourselves in knowing that in addition to the quality of service we always provide our pricing policy should still in most cases compete with any genuine written quote from our competitors


You’ve come to the right place if you need expert and reliable commercial cleaning services to a high standard. We have a variety of cleaning options when it comes to keeping your commercial space pristine. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we pride ourselves on providing a highly personal, individual service. With daily and weekly contracts available along with one off cleans we can cater for all types of commercial buildings including offices, local authorities etc. Please contact us for a friendly chat about your individual requirements.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services Include
  • Emptying bins
  •   Vacuuming
  •   Cleaning bathrooms
  •   Polishing mirrors
  •   Cleaning reception areas
  •   Replenishing bathroom supplies
  •   Clean all the desks
  •   Keyboard and monitor clean
  •   Kitchen cleaning
  •   Interior and exterior window cleaning
  •   Floor and ceiling cleaning
  •   Curtain and blind cleaning



Cleaning a healthcare or medical centre requires very special janitorial care. Arora Star Cleaning Company specializes in the cleaning of healthcare and medical centers. We use a very comprehensive cleaning process that ensures the safety of your staff, patients, and our employees. Every member of our healthcare and medical centre janitorial staff is highly trained in proper procedures including the handling of contaminated waste. All waste materials are disposed of properly and safely.

Healthcare And medical Centre That Arora Star Cleaning Company Cleans
  •   Medical Labs
  •   Patient Rooms
  •   Facility Hallways
  •   Operating Rooms
  •   Physical Therapy Facilities
  •   Outpatient Facilities
  •   Health Clinics
  •   And More!

Arora Srar Cleaning Company complies with all medical cleaning standards. Arora Star Cleaning Company is very concerned about the environment. That is why we clean with environmentally safe products. If your healthcare or medical facility can be cleaned with environmentally safe products, Arora Star Cleaning Company can provide the cleaning products that will be safe for your employees and patients. As part of our Eco Friendly Cleaning, we offer recycled products from toilet paper to paper hand towels to use in your healthcare or medical centre.


Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in schools and universities. With the large number of people gathered in classrooms and common areas, it is necessary to have a janitorial company that provides only the highest quality cleaning services. Arora Star Cleaning Company has been providing schools and universities with comprehensive and professional cleaning and janitorial services. When we come to your school or university, we take the necessary time to properly analyze the exact cleaning procedures that you will need. We offer expert advice to help you make a proper decision about your janitorial needs. One of the benefits of working with Arora Star Cleaning Company is that we practice green cleaning. Through the use of green cleaning products and equipment combined with green cleaning processes that are environmentally safe, we can completely clean your school or university effectively.

Cleaning Services Include
  •   Trash Removal
  •   Mopping of Floors
  •   Vacuuming of Carpet
  •   Floor Polishing
  •   Cleaning of Desks and Countertops
  •   Window Cleaning
  •   Bathroom Cleaning
  •   Kitchen Cleaning
  •   Dusting
  •   Common Area Cleaning
  •   Office Cleaning

A clean environment is a productive environment for students to excel. That is why Arora Star Cleaning Company specializes in the cleaning of schools and universities. We have developed specific and precise janitorial procedures to ensure that your school and university environment is the cleanest possible. These procedures help reduce the chance of contagious germs from being passed around from student to student


If you are operating a warehouse it is essential to keep your facilities in good working order and remove oil, grease and spillages that build up on concrete floor surfaces. Regular cleaning can create a safe working environment and reduce the risk of warehouse injuries and incidents. Regular cleaning removes oil, grease and other spillages before they build up and require more intensive cleaning. Cleaning on a regular basis can also increase the life of your flooring space.


One Off cleaning is ideally suited for those clients who do not need a cleaner on regular basis. Under One Off cleaning, the client can place an order as and when the need for cleaning arises. The One off cleaning involves thorough cleaning of your house from top to the bottom. Arora Star has the expertise in doing Off-Office Cleaning. Our highly experienced staff knows what the clients require and expect. They do their jobs well in order to have a clean and tidy working environment because it means good health and a happy life.



We can pressure wash your buildings, walkways and other items to make them look clean and new again. Use us to prep your deck or home by getting all the dirt and grime off before you paint or stain.


The Cleaning Company offers professional carpet cleaning services to match your requirements at a reasonable price. We are providing carpet cleaning services to the commercial and domestic sector. Our carpet cleaning services team is fully trained in professional carpet cleaning and uses only the most powerful and effective carpet cleaning equipment manufactured by the industry leaders


We Also Provide
  •   Office Boy Service
  •   Female Cleaners
  •   Man Power Supply
  •   After Construction Cleaning
  •   Building Exterior Cleaning
  •   Scrubbing and Buffing Service
  •   After Party Cleaning
  •   End of Tenancy Cleaning
  •   Upholstery Cleaning
  •   Labour Camp Cleaning
  •   Malls and Shopping Centers
  •   Floor and Wall Tiling Works
  •   Painting Contracting
  •   Carpentry and Flooring Contracting
  •   Partitions and Fall Ceiling Contracting
  •   Electrical Fitting and Fixtures Services