Water is one of the most important substance here on Earth that’s why it is the number one basic need in our daily life. Therefore, we use water practically for everything and same water can be a cause of several diseases like malaria if infected with bacteria, fungus and other disease causing creatures. Neglected water tanks, reservoirs are vulnerable for the spread of disease, as bacteria can multiply where conditions in water systems are allowed to deteriorate. As the water tank cleaners/service providers, we understand the concerns and recommend cleaning the water tank more than twice in a year.

We, Arora Star Services LLC, an approved company by Dubai Municipality provides rooftop and underground water tank cleaning service and offers services in all types of water tank whether conventional or contemporary, made by plastic, fiber glass type, GRP sectional panel tanks, polyethylene tanks, concrete tanks cleaning and Disinfection. We are using only Dubai Municipality approved chemicals and chlorination for treatment. We provide high quality of service as well as our client’s safety at all times.

Our water tank cleaners are all experienced, qualified and well trained to provide the best cleaning service. The water tank cleaning process starts with the inspection of the site and a report is prepared based on the observations regarding the extent of the contamination in your water tank. Final inspection of tank with complete service clean up report will be provided after every service.